In the heart of it all

Midtown Brand Identity

Son&Sons worked with Midtown Alliance to develop a bold new brand for Midtown Atlanta. We managed multiple visioning workshops with stakeholder groups and board members; we met with business owners, residents, developers, tourists and people who work in the neighborhood. We realized that Midtown isn’t just in the middle, it is the heart of the city. The resulting brand identity and voice supports Midtown’s natural strengths and genuine character.

The identity also needed to support a positive return on investment. In 2015, Midtown Alliance secured more than $2.8M in new grant funding to execute new projects and fund programs that will continue to add to the vibrancy of the District. For 2016, Midtown Alliance has programmed more than $10 million for capital improvements in the public right-of-way.


The installation of a 40ft wide interactive Midtown sculpture by the developers of Colony Square is testament to the community proudly embracing both the brand and the neighborhood.