Strengthening what’s genuine
about a cherished brand brand strategy and positioning

Son&Sons Different helped uncover how it is genuinely different, and reimagine the role it plays in its customers’ lives. 

An authentic strategy and position embraces Etsy sellers and Etsy shoppers. Most importantly, it enables to pursue a greater purpose — liberating personal expression and celebrating diversity of humanity’s experiences, ideas, tastes and styles.   

Son&Sons developed the positioning and brand strategy that led to Etsy’s first ever global ad campaign — Difference makes us.

Etsy is our darling
What's so daunting about addressing the Etsy brand is that it is fiercely cherished, and guarded, by brand loyalists. This is the community of craftsmen who design, make and sell their goods on Understanding the beliefs and motivations of the maker community was essential for the successful definition of their position in the market.

Different results start with Different strategy
We galvanized Etsy’s genuine and winning characteristics in light of its unique opportunities. Through customer immersions, market intelligence, competitive analysis and insights of global trends, we helped Etsy boldly march to their own beat.

We worked closely with members from different functions, as well as leadership team.

Designers do it differently
Like any other maker or craftsman, we believe that thinking cannot be divorced from doing. All of our research and strategy was conducted from the foundation of design, which means that strategy was integrated into a holistic approach to brand.

Better together
Our discovery began with audits, research and interviews. Son&Sons designed workshops and exercise that helped leaders experience the strengths and challenges of the solutions we provided.