Openness starts with a smile

An Approach to Knowledge Sharing at Coca-Cola

We partnered with Coca-Cola’s Global Director of IT Marketing & Communications in order to break down the barriers between associates and shift from a culture of knowledge hoarding to one that rewards sharing and openness.

With the team, we studied the conditions of sharing and helping those around us. We observed the competing instincts that stifle our instinct to be trusting and open. Our insights led to practical ways associates could connect and share ideas.

Informed by research and discussions, we developed beliefs that supported the idea that happiness is all about sharing and helping one another flourish in a safe and open environment.

If it weren't for the rest of the world I wouldnt know how to make a grilled cheese sandwich.

Wade Thompson

Our strategy was built on big beliefs that promote trust and responsiblity, then executed through small, practical actions—like sharing the best ways to enjoy lunch.

We transformed “knowledge sharing” to an idea called Open. Compact and memorable, Open leads with the easiest way to acknowledge someone and put them at ease—a smile.