A front porch for Atlanta

Atlanta History Center

During a period of organizational growth and programmatic improvement, we led the Atlanta History Center to a new visual identity system that coordinates with their mission, inspires participation, and fortifies their presence as a world-class educational institution.


History on the Attack
The Atlanta History Center design system is grounded by the idea of openness and participation. The identity leads with history and makes room for every destination, program and activity within the organization. Colorful, assertive visual cues and quick-witted tone of voice were developed to signal change, create awareness and ambush misconceptions and myths surrounding the role of the institution in the community.

Swap Stuffy for Sticky
Our creative strategy led to a design system connecting disparate components to amplify the specialness of the organization. We unearthed peculiar artifacts, dusted them off, and brought them to the forefront for the world to see.


“Thank you for the laughs, the ear, the understanding, and the continued happiness in our crazy journey—one hell of a team my friends. HELL.OF.A.TEAM.”

Hillary Hardwick Atlanta History Center


Audience Obsessed
Working closely with the Atlanta History Center team, we shed new light on the institution by codifying a coherent vision across leadership, operating functions and board committees. Together, we re-imagined how the organization could be an active cultural force for citizens of the world.